Lost Pet: Puppy
Posted: August 2, 2019
Lost: July 30, 2019
Pet: Puppy
Breed: Maltese, Poodle, Standard
Color: white
Gender: Female


Puppy was lost on 7/30/2019 in the area of Mesquite, TX at Gus Thomasson and Motley Dr.  She ran across the street and in front of UHaul at Hwy 80 and was gone.  This was around 7:30 am on Tuesday.  We feel certain she was in one of the three apartment communities in that area. She did not have on a collar as she pulled out of it going into the groomers.  She is chipped.  

Puppy is all white with pink skin.  Probably a maltese/poodle mix.  Short legs, long body.  Fluffy tail and ears.  She is very shy and barks at men but is very sweet.  If scared she will lay down and not move.  Weighs about 23 pounds.