Lost Pet: Rudi
Posted: August 13, 2019
Lost: August 10, 2019
Pet: Rudi
Breed: unknown
Color: tabbyorange
Gender: Male


Rudi went out at night as normal on Saturday August 10, 2019 (he's mostly an outdoor cat in the summer).  He never showed up Sunday morning for breakfast, which he always does and as he has done for 10 years.

Rudi went missing from the New Territory subdivision Spencer's Glen.  He was not acting odd or sick the night before his disappearance. 

A few neighbors' cats in our small subdivision of Spencer's Glen have also gone missing just this month.  Very troubling!

If you have any information about Rudi's whereabouts or what may have happened to him... please contact (phone/text) to Jill at 832-867-4299 or Doug at 424-832-4190.  Thanks for your help!