Nov 23 2016

First time on his own

Author: Yusuf & Parris Abdul-Hafiz

My husband and I were working on the front of the house and Lucky was in the back yard enjoying the sun. When I went out back to clean some paint brushes my husband calls to ask if Lucky is in the yard. He realizes the side gate was left open. Well, Lucky wasn't in the yard. He got out the side gate. We road around the neighborhood for an hour and I left my phone home in the rush to search for him. In my mind I'm thinking it's ok, someone will turn him in because he has a chip. We had to give up our search and come home to start making posters and report him lost through When I got home I picked up my phone and there was the call we've been waiting for. The awesome thing was the lady that saw Lucky wondering around had her own pet microchip scanner. She was able to scan Lucky and called us right away. We are so grateful and over joyed!! We have our Lucky back home safe and sound. Thanks PetLink!

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