Never Give Up!

Author: Lauren Piandes

Thanks to a wonderful and caring individual, I was able to be notified of Princeton being found after nearly 6 months of him being gone! I am so glad I made the decision to have him microchipped, thanks to PetLink! I wouldn’t have known he was found! I’m so grateful to PetLink and the individual […]

Appreciation for PetLink!

Author: Lauren Piandes

I just wanted to express my appreciation for your product. I have two large Labs (brothers) and they got out when we had some really strong wind. One dog came home, the other took a ride with a stranger who took him to the nearest vet. The vet scanned him and contacted me immediately. He […]

Nina the Jumping Bean

Author: dmimrktg

My dog, Nina, jumped over a 5′ retaining wall in our backyard on the afternoon of Thursday, Jan. 17. When I arrived home from work she was missing. She was found later that afternoon very near our home by a good Samaritan, and taken to a local pet clinic where she was scanned. I am […]