PetLink exists for the benefit of its members and their pets. Assuring this requires that its customers practice ethical and responsible behavior in their use of the web site. With this as a guideline, the following criteria are used to determine acceptable uses of PetLink.

The use of PetLink to post information whose content or meaning, or its distribution or transmission, violates any applicable laws or regulations is prohibited.

An activity which disrupts or interferes with the performance or functional behavior of website or systems accessible via PetLink is prohibited. Such interference or disruption includes, but is not limited to: propagation of computer viruses; the transmission of information which, by virtue of its content, amount, or routing, degrades the performance, functionality, or reliability of any web site or system.

Activities which interfere with personal productivity, privacy, or comfort of members belonging to PetLink are prohibited. Such interference or disruption includes, but is not limited to: distribution of unsolicited advertising or recruiting materials; transmission of annoying amounts of information not desired by the recipient(s); impersonating another member; attempting to gain access to or use the passwords or access codes of another member; and altering or deleting information belonging to another member.

Information and resources accessible via PetLink are considered private to the individuals and organizations which own or hold rights to them unless specifically stated otherwise. Thus, the use of PetLink to make unauthorized access to, or use of, information or the computing or communication systems at other sites accessible via PetLink is prohibited.

Each PetLink member must know and abide by PetLink’s User Agreement.

PetLink reserves the right to terminate any membership at its sole discretion. If a membership is terminated for any reason other than a violation of PetLink’s User Agreement, the customer will receive a prorated refund of no disputed paid amounts.

PetLink members who are found to be in violation of the User Agreement are subject to termination of PetLink services, with the forfeiture of all fees paid to PetLink. The forfeited amount, and, additional charges, if necessary, shall be used to satisfy administrative charges at the rate of USD 150 per hour for time required to deal with third parties who have been impacted by the offending PetLink member.

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