4 Years Gone and Back Again

Author: Lauren Piandes

My dog Alden got out of our yard in North Dakota around the 4th of July 2016 because the fireworks in town scared him. We searched everywhere and asked everyone we could find if they’d seen him to no avail. We gave up all hope of getting him back when our neighbor who owns the […]

Ginger’s Home

Author: dmimrktg

I left the fence gate ajar and of course Ginger, my black Lab, opened it and was gone. My other two, Petey and Sammy, hung out in front of the house, like the good boys they are. Ginger was picked up down the road by someone who is now a friend. Thank you PetLink. I […]

Paisley’s Stroll with the Cone of Shame

Author: dmimrktg

She disappeared about 3:30 PM on Sun. 2/2/20 and was back home by 6:00 PM! Paisley pushed the screen door open and ran off the property onto the road. A kind woman picked her up and took her to a local animal shelter. They scanned her, received my information from PetLink, then they called me […]

Yoki’s Lucky Break

Author: dmimrktg

At approximately around 9:30 am, a gentleman from the Brevard County Sheriff’s office contacted me, stating he found Yoki at a nearby apartment complex, about a mile away and I could come pick him up. Thank you for existing and having info available for everyone. If it wasn’t for you all, I may have never been […]