Lost Pet: Romeo
Posted: April 27, 2019
Lost: April 27, 2019
Pet: Romeo
Breed: Shih Tzu
Color: brown, salt
Gender: Male


Romeo gets very excited when we park. He got so excited when I parked today that he managed to somehow get out of his collar and restraint and leap out the window. I immediately started searching up and down the road it was on. Called police, shelters, and vets. In that window of time a blonde woman in a silver Ford Expedition saw him and picked him up at Mall Chevrolet which is precisely where I was when he jumped. She asked if he belonged to anyone and when the guys there said no she left with the dog. Every police department, shelter, and vet in the area has been called. A Facebook post had been posted 300 plus times. She has yet to report him to the police or any online forums.