Lost Pet: Baya
Posted: May 19, 2019
Lost: May 8, 2019
Pet: Baya
Breed: Chihuahua, Shorthair
Color: black, beige
Gender: Female


Baya  is  stolen i know who has her and didnt want to come to this but i moved from a who i thot was a friend and she turned on me stole half of my property and my dog!! My baby is my therapy pet authorized by my doctor and she's diabetic! She said i abandoned my pet which is false. I moved and and wen she dropped my stuff off and didn't bring my dog and was asked and text several times and she keeps ignoring the fact its not her dog!! Baya is a barker and has energy like no other and loves to play tug a war and she loves to lick you to give you kisses! I miss her n need her back for health reasons.