Lost Pet: Hitch
Posted: May 24, 2019
Lost: May 22, 2019
Pet: Hitch
Breed: unknown
Color: tigergray
Gender: Male


Hitch was let outside to go to the bathroom at noon on 22MAY2019.  He normally goes out with our Black Lab dog, who stays on a tie-out, and both signal to come back inside within 5 mins.  He also normally does not venture more than 10' from side of house.   My husband left the house, in a rush to pick up our kids, at approx 12:20.  When he returned at approx. 1245 he realized Hitch never came back inside. 

Hitch has unique physical features - he has six toes on each of his front paws.  

We live in military base housing (NAVSTA Mayport) and have posted information and pics on our housing social media sites.  We've also placed flyers on vehicles, and walked the area multiple times/day.