Lost Pet: Lil Rick
Posted: July 15, 2019
Lost: July 12, 2019
Pet: Lil Rick
Breed: unknown
Color: tigergray, rust
Gender: Male


Lil Rick is an in door family cat we originally got for our disabled daughter. He is very special to her and the entire family. He is declawed, so he is not use to the outdoors. He is curious and slipped out the back door as we were taking out the trash. He is a social cat and likes people, but I'm not sure how he will react in this situation. He comes to the walking dead whistle, but not the usual here kitty, kitty.  Please, if you find our Baby Boy, He weights between 10 an 12 lbs . He was lost in the Fox hollow neighborhood. He is chipped. If you find him please take him to have him to their Vet (Allen Veterinary Hospital), the nearest vet, the Allen Animal Shelter or you can call 214-226-7927 or 469-767-8782. We miss him so much, are sick with worry and he needs to be home! Thank you for your help!