Lost Pet: Toby
Posted: July 16, 2019
Lost: July 16, 2019
Pet: Toby
Breed: American Shorthair, Bengal
Color: tabbygray, tabbybrown
Gender: Female


Toby is being taken care of by a friend, Kathy Draper, in her outdoor enclosure.  Toby got out sometime after midnight on 7/15 in Anaheim near Harle and Brookhurst.  Toby has been an outdoor cat but is used to coming in at night.  She is a high energy cat and is cautious around new animals and people.  No way of knowing but she may be headed back to her home in Long Beach.  The owners will be out of the country for a month and another friend is house sitting in LB. Contact Kathy Draper, alternate contact and address from 7/17-8/14/19.