Lost Pet: Tiger
Posted: July 18, 2019
Lost: July 15, 2019
Pet: Tiger
Breed: ragdoll/ragamuffin
Color: tri
Gender: Male


Tiger has never been gone more than 2 days. it has been 4 days.  He loves to be outside and in the woods. He is a hunter. He may have chased after a bird or rabbit and is lost. He may also have become trapped in someones garage or under their deck where he likes to hide.  He is shy to people he doesnt know but he is very loveable and cuddly with his family.  Our house is surrounded by bushes and backs up to a newer neighborhood that is accessed from North Road and 169th in Martha Lake area.  He has many brothers and sisters and people family that really love him and miss him terribly. Please help us find him.  He is probably very scared and wants to come home.

Tiger is wearing a worn out looking Green collar with bells on it.