Lost Pet: Shadow
Posted: August 31, 2019
Lost: August 11, 2019
Pet: Shadow
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
Color: fawn
Gender: Male


Shadow was abducted and taken from his loving family near the intersection of Jerrold AVE. and Rankin Streets in San Francisco's Bayview District in the mid-to-late morning hours of August 10th 2019. Nearby Neighbors remember seeing shadow remember seeing Shadow last being led away buy a men of African descent who walked with a pronounced limp and a very disheveled look. It is believed that shadow was or is currently being kept in an RV in the double rock neighbor hood but there have also been but acquaintances as I've said they may have seen him around 16th and Mission and in the tenderloin District. Shadow is deeply attached to his family and suffers from extreme separation anxiety issues Wings not within eyesight of them. if he is spotted in public by himself please do not be afraid to approach him he is extremely friendly and gentle as can be just call him by name or mention the name mr. Wiggle bottoms in a playful voice and let him show you how he got that name