Lost Pet: Milo
Posted: September 2, 2019
Lost: August 25, 2019
Pet: Milo
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Color: tabby
Gender: Male


My cat Milo was lost approx 4:30 PM Sunday, August 25th at the TownHomes at 9th at County Line. He has a droopy left ear and one pad on his left paw is swollen (I had an appointment this past week for him to get it looked at but I had to cancel it because he went missing).

Milo was a feral cat. I built him a cat condo for the winter and spent countless hours gaining trust over 3.5 years trying to befriend him. Based on the picture things were looking great and he was coming inside. I had him vaccinated for Rabies, I had him chipped.

I miss him!

I want my cat back. If you have any information on him PLEASE call me. (970) 347-7388