Lost Pet: Binx
Posted: October 7, 2019
Lost: April 3, 2017
Pet: Binx
Breed: Domestic Mediumhair
Color: black
Gender: Male


Binx got out onto the porch in my old apartment. Former address was directly on Streamway Dr. in Spring Lake, NC. When Binx saw another dog off leash coming straight toward my dog that I was walking on leash, he did a fast sneak attack and darted off into the woods. I searched everywhere for him fearing the worst. I even thought he was picked up and dumped somewhere. I moved to another county not too far away but still have been searching the old apartment community for him at least once a month. He is a child's pet, we had him since he was kitten, he was adopted from the animal shelter. He is dog friendly. Please bring our baby home. He was with my through a bad divorce and kept my kids feeling well when they were sick. He is sorely loved and missed. Please do the right thing and return him to his family. He has three human kids that miss him every day and always ask about him.