Lost Pet: Phantom
Posted: October 9, 2019
Lost: October 7, 2019
Pet: Phantom
Breed: Husky
Color: tan
Gender: Male


Phantom and I (his owner) were playing by the beach by Mugu beach. Phanton was swimming in the water with me. Phantom is new to the beach waves and water. He's more used to swimming in lakes. Phantom started to swim further out and I called to him but he didn't turn around. When he did turn around a nice sized wave formed and he went under I think. I swam over to where I though he was but it was dark and I (his owner) took of his leash and collar. I swam down to look for him but i could not find him. I swam out of the water to get a flash light to look if he washed ashore somewhere else. My sister was there and she helped me look for him. She provided a flash light and I had my phone flash light. We search for hours and did not find him. He was my emotional support dog so I was pretty messed up that I couldn't find him. I just thought to post this so hopefully if he's still alive somewhere he can be returned to me.