Lost Pet: Daisy
Posted: October 20, 2019
Lost: October 19, 2019
Pet: Daisy
Breed: Great Pyrenees
Color: white
Gender: Female


Daisy (right) in photo.  Both dogs were home to mid morning Sat when I came home only Buster (left) greeted me.  We have  searched the woods and all neighbors have been contacted.  The dogs don't leave the farm except to visit neighbors woods so she may have been taken (between 10am and 2pm Saturday (Daisy is the friendlier of my 2 Pyrs) We thought a hunter may have shot her but feel we would have found her by now if that were the case.  She also may have had a state of panic if she were shot at so she could have run far and gotten lost as well.  Hopefully someone will call the vet since she had all her tags on.  Please pray for her return home.