Lost Pet: Kuzya
Posted: November 11, 2019
Lost: November 11, 2019
Pet: Kuzya
Breed: Maltipoo (Maltese/Poodle)
Color: white, black
Gender: Male


I was looking to find a better home for Kuzya and found a lady via Nextdoor. She promised to keep in touch and let me come to her place and check the home she promised for Kuzya - her name was CJ - the number was disconnected a few days later and I don't know what happened to my baby Kuzya. I want to make sure that he is alive and being well taken care of. If you have seen CJ or Kuzya, please let me know - I am worried sick about him. I am praying that I didn't make a mistake by giving him to the stranger. CJ and I had an agreement and I need to follow up on Kuzya - I am his advocate! Please HELP me find CJ and Kuzya. She told me that she had a similr dog - he even looked like Kuzya - the hair was less silky - I do have CJ's and her dog's picture and the text messages to prove all I am stating above.