Lost Pet: Jameson
Posted: November 20, 2019
Lost: June 11, 2019
Pet: Jameson
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Color: grey
Gender: Male


Indoor/Outdoor microchipped all grey male neutered cat with yellow eyes. He is in good shape and is very active. He is on the larger side for a cat, around 11 pounds but is lean. He went missing for 1 week around mid June and then came home for 1 day. After that he went missing again and did not come home which is very unlike him. He is friendly and vocal (meows very loud) and loves people. In September a neighbor contacted me through Nextdoor and said he would come occasionally to sleep in her yard off 7th and Martha and she would contact me when he came back around but he hasn't been back around. I believe someone has him and thought he was a stray but he has a loving home and we would like him back! Please email me if you have him or have seen him around jsrjsr27@yahoo.com. Thank you :)