Lost Pet: Khaleesi
Posted: December 13, 2019
Lost: December 13, 2019
Pet: Khaleesi
Breed: unknown
Color: tri
Gender: Female


Khaleesi, is a tiny Calico.  She loves to climb trees and she is not afraid of heights.  She is quite the hunter.  She generally stays close to home and is the first to answer to role call in the am and pm.  

Khaleesi is skittish around humans and other animals except for her siblings.  She is an indoor/outdoor cat.  She was born in my home and close with my husband, me our eldest daughter, Mollie (Pitbull/Boxer mix), Sammie ( eldest cat), her mother, Cookie, her Aunt Allie (who has taught her how to hunt) and her brother, Drogon.


Khaleesi would not leave the area or disappear.  I believe someone has her, or she is stuck somewhere and cannot get out.  I’m sick with worry and unknowns.  Our whole house is mourning and want our tiny Khaleesi back.