Lost Pet: Mr. Quibbles
Posted: February 16, 2020
Lost: February 16, 2020
Pet: Mr. Quibbles
Breed: American Shorthair
Color: tabbygray, white
Gender: Male


Quibbles is an indoor cat, but when I come home from school on the weekends I let him outside at my parents house. February 15th, I let him out to play around 2pm, and at 6pm when I went out to get him so I could feed him he never came. I knew something was wrong immediately because I trained him to come when I call and I never heard the bell on his collar jingle or him meowing. I've searched for the last 12 hours and haven't seen or heard him. Please, I just want my boy back. I get bad migraines on a weekly basis and he keeps me company. If you find him please let me know.