Lost Pet: Zeus Loveridge
Posted: March 24, 2020
Lost: March 23, 2020
Pet: Zeus Loveridge
Breed: O
Color: tigerorange
Gender: Male


He goes out all the time but comes in and out all day to eat and just check-in. He's never been gone this long so I thought I better report him fast. I let him out when I went to work Monday the 23rd at about 6:30 am and when I got home around 11:30 that morning, like 5 hours after he went out, he wasn't out back which was unusual for him cause he's always hungry. He's very attached to me and if he doesn't see me after so long, he makes a certain loud cry until he sees me then he stops. I've had him since birth. Please help me find my cat. He's very friendly but very scared of strangers. 386-216-8878 My name is Kelly. 

Deltona, Florida area behind Papa John's on Providence is the area he was in.