Lost Pet: Milo Blu
Posted: May 12, 2020
Lost: May 4, 2020
Pet: Milo Blu
Breed: American Bulldog
Color: brindle, grey
Gender: Male


Me and my ex broke up and I needed a few days to move my stuff into my family’s house she took it upon herself to hide my dog from me when I went asking for him a week ago. i got new dog offers but No Thank You! I don’t want a new dog I raised milo since he was 4 weeks, I was the one that picked up all his poop hard or runny!! just cause she did the right thing in taking him to the vet while I was at work don’t give her ownership correct??  Her number is 216-583-6150 she blocked me on all social media and cellphone. Im not trying to make a whole police report cause I want what’s good for her . She may not want the same for me but oh well I just want my dog which is basically like a son to me ?????