Lost Pet: Lucy
Posted: May 21, 2020
Lost: May 19, 2020
Pet: Lucy
Color: other, BLACK AND BROWN
Gender: Female


I just got the pet at DAS. She is a scared and anxious dog. I was trying to walk her with a harness. When I tried to pick her up she kept squirming and got out. I have been trying to find her and catch her ever since. She hasn’t left the enclave at Naples where I live. Only sometimes going to house on the other side from what I’ve been told. Every time I try to get her close so I can get her or get her close she runs off. I’ve called both DAS and humane society, due to short staff I haven’t been able to get help. I have tried smelly treats, not chasing her, happy voice, treats in her vision and near me, running away so she chases me, laying down, leaving food out. I have tried everything I’ve been told and in my power. I just wanted to explain everything and hope she can be gotten safely.