Lost Pet: Jill
Posted: June 7, 2020
Lost: June 6, 2020
Pet: Jill
Breed: Beagle
Color: black, tri, Tricolour
Gender: Female


Coming in from walk, and she ran back out of door, and took off. We can't find her. She was a rescue and we have only had her since March. She is very skittish and afraid of things. Her collars and Leash are still attached, so she may be stuck somewhere. Lost from 4 Frigate Run in Ocean Pines, she went direction of Windjammer, but don't know from there.

20 pounds, tri-color Beagle, mostly black on top, has a heart tattoo on belly. Had a collar with my name and phone number and address if it's still own. She doesn't know traffic or cars, so very worried she will get hit. Loves other dogs. 410-430-0577