Lost Pet: Gerri
Posted: October 14, 2021
Lost: October 12, 2021
Pet: Gerri
Breed: Tuxedo
Color: tuxedo
Gender: Female


Gerri is a roaming cat. She came from the streets in Inglewood when we adopted her two years ago. She’s very very well taken care if and fed at her home twice daily but she goes out roaming and makes friends quickly and people feed her and think she’s a stray but she’s not. She’s just very good and cuddle driven. She hasn’t come home in a couple days and she is usually always home for breakfast and dinner and through most of the night and day, but comes in and out. She was last spotted by a neighbor this morning at 9am at the Nadine at 21 Ozone Ave next door to us. She is possibly in that building but I searched the halls and couldn’t find her.  I’m worried she’s staying with someone who thinks she’s a stray and decided to bring her into their apt. Please help us find Gerri. We’re wrecks over here. Please please please if you hear anything, let us know. 831.332.3424 or 631.521.1477