Posted: August 30, 2017
Author: Jeff Shade

Local fireworks went off on Memorial Day and began popping and booming.  My dog Skye completely freaked out and started shaking uncontrollably. I believe she may have been abused in the past. I thought Skye merely had to go outside so I put her in the fenced-in back yard. Terrified of the noise, she looked for a way out, slipped through the fence and bolted. For an hour and a half I walked around looking for Skye and then for a further hour I drove around looking for her.

After I’d been searching for more than two hours, I returned home and there I found a message on my computer saying that Skye had been found! The people who had found her took Skye to a vet who checked her microchip number and immediately determined who I was and told me where my dog was being kept.  All this happened only two and a half hours after Skye went missing! We were soon reunited and I’d recommend microchipping to ANYONE.

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