Trooper is an escape artist! I rescued him from a shelter in Corpus Christi, TX. He was running the streets when the shelter found him and still continues to do so.

I returned home from a day with my grandchildren & as usual he came to greet me in the garage. He has learned that if he gets close enough to the door he is free. That’s what happened! I hit the door to go down and he walked up to it and out he went. I heard the door go up and looked and he was OUT and GONE!!

I was panicked and started looking for him for 3 hours. It eventually became night time and the rain started to come down so I decided to go back home and end my night of searching for Trooper. Then I get a text from PetLink saying my little dog had been found! I was just contacting you when a knock came at my door and there was my angel named Jennifer. She had found Trooper running around in her neighborhood. She drove him to a local vet clinic, had his microchip read and drove him back home to me. I am so grateful to have had him microchipped and registered with PetLink. I am so grateful that this wonderful woman took the time to help rescue him and if it was not for him being microchipped, I don’t think he would have been found.


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