Published on: December 6, 2023
Author: Lauren Piandes

There is a lot to be happy about with a fuzzy feline in your life, but did you know that there are actual health benefits to being a cat owner? Here are some ways that our best friends improve our lives:


Cats Can Ease Anxiety

This doesn’t only apply to just cats as pets, but the sentiment is the same! After a long day of work, nothing is better than sitting down and getting some pets in with your best friend. In an article by Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, they state the following:

“A recent study that used university students (who are notoriously stressed) as subjects found that petting cats and dogs for 10 minutes decreased the amount of cortisol (a stress hormone) in their saliva. These findings are consistent with the notion that interacting with cats and dogs decreases stress.”

Not only can owning a cat ease anxiety, but watching cat videos can also increase our dopamine levels, at least according to 7,000 people at Bloomington University back in 2015. Now you can tell everyone that taking breaks for cat videos is good for you!


Kids Who Grow Up with Cats May Develop Fewer Allergies

In a study done in 2023 and reported on by Webmd, it was shown that children in early infancy who were exposed to indoor cats (and dogs) were less likely to develop serious food allergies, such as those to soybeans, eggs, and wheat (gluten).  Because the children are exposed to an allergen, aka the pet’s dandruff, in a positive way, they become more immune tolerant and greatly reduces the risk of them developing food allergies.

If you’re interested in reading the complete study by the National Library of Medicine, follow the link here.


Purring Has Therapeutic Effects

Cat’s purring lands around 25 – 240 Hz. That lands into the frequency which can heal wounds, broken bones, and tendon injuries. It can also create “sound therapy”, which can lower blood pressure and relax both them and us.


They Alleviate Loneliness

As any cat owner knows, there is no love like a cat’s love. Cats make excellent companions and help alleviate feelings of loneliness in humans, making us calmer and genuinely happier in our day-to-day lives. Because of this, you may practice other healthy lifestyle habits, like walking, getting up early, or eating well.

Cat ownership is truly the best, in more ways than one!