Gone for 2 Weeks!

Author: Lauren Piandes

We took our sweet, friendly boy outside for a restroom break while I grabbed some potted plants to rearrange and astonishingly, a car pulled up and took Apollo from our driveway! It happened so fast and was completely unexpected. We knew the thief wouldn’t risk taking him to a vet anytime soon, nor return him, […]

Kept the Faith

Author: Lauren Piandes

A huge thanks to everyone who got Faith and I reunited. I turned my back and she just disappeared. I walked, hollered, and whistled till after midnight when someone told me about PetLink. I figured someone picked her up or a coyote got her and I’d never see her again. I also had recently changed […]

Spring Training with Your Dog

Author: Holly Lewis

It’s Spring Training! What better way to celebrate the warmer season than perfecting tricks and training with your dog? We’ve teamed up with Holly Lewis, owner of Cold Nose Canine in Milwaukee, to help give some tips (and tricks!) on how to make the most of training with your pooch.   Holly Lewis: Spring is […]