Understanding Your Dog’s Body Language

Author: Claudia Bensimoun

We all understand what a tail wag means, but there’s a lot more about your pup’s body language to understand. It’s also so different from how humans communicate and involves many exciting ways of communicating emotions and intentions.  Dogs communicate with us and other animals through barking, growling, whining, and general body language. Plenty of […]

Spring Cleaning for Pet Owners

Author: Lauren Piandes

Like Punxsutawney Phil predicted: springtime is steadily on its way! For pet owners, there are a few things we can do to help our pets prepare for a great spring while satisfying our own need to start spring cleaning.   Clean Your Pet’s Beds When you’re refreshing the sheets on your own bed, why not […]

Tips for Responsible Pet Ownership

Author: Lauren Piandes

Whether you’re bringing a pet into your home for the first time or have had dogs for years, it’s never too late to create a safe, loving environment for your pets.   Investing time, money, and attention into your pet’s health When you have a pet, I’m sure it’s no surprise that costs can add […]

Easy Ways to Bond with Your Pet

Author: Lauren Piandes

As pet owners, there’s nothing we want more than to establish a healthy connection with our pets. Sometimes we may not even think of it, but there are very particular ways we can bond with our pets while going about our day-to-day lives. Here are some examples:   Grooming This is the baseline for giving […]

Get Up and Go! Why Walking Your Dog is so Beneficial for You (and Them!)

Author: Lauren Piandes

January is Walk the Dog Month! You might be thinking, “hang on, why would we have walk your dog month during one of the coldest months of the year?” While it might seem strange, it’s the perfect time to find extra inspiration to get out of the house and take your dog for an adventure […]

From Food to Travel: Protecting Your Pets During Thanksgiving Festivities

Author: Lauren Piandes

Thanksgiving is almost here, can you believe it? While we get ready for food, parties, and travelling, we need to keep our pets in mind! Here are the ways we can prepare ourselves and our pets for Thanksgiving:   First Things First: The first thing to do before any holiday party, travel, or pet-sitting event […]

Including Your Pet in Your Emergency Plans for Disaster Preparedness Month

Author: Lauren Piandes

September is Disaster Preparedness Month! Our pets depend on us to keep them safe, so we must remember to consider them when creating emergency plans. We’ve compiled some tips to help you to build your own emergency kit and plan at home:   Prepare an Emergency Kit that Includes Pet Supplies When you’re planning a […]

Spring Cleaning and Care for your Pets

Author: Lauren Piandes

It’s almost spring again! As we prepare for the warmer months around the corner, here’s how you can prepare your pet for spring and summer:   Watch Out for Open Windows and Doors The weather is getting warmer, and you’re likely itching to throw open the windows and air-out your home. When doing this, remember […]

Spring Training with Your Dog

Author: Holly Lewis

It’s Spring Training! What better way to celebrate the warmer season than perfecting tricks and training with your dog? We’ve teamed up with Holly Lewis, owner of Cold Nose Canine in Milwaukee, to help give some tips (and tricks!) on how to make the most of training with your pooch.   Holly Lewis: Spring is […]