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Microchips may be registered in several different registration databases. It is important to know which database a pet’s microchip is registered with to find information associated with the microchip number. If you don’t know which database to search, a microchip database registry list will make the process easier. The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), is a registry that is a valuable resource when determining which database a registered microchip is in or who it was manufactured by.  

Pet Microchip Database Registry List

Microchip database registry lists are different from registration databases. Databases store individual microchip numbers and account information. Registry lists help determine which database a microchip number belongs to. PetLink is a registration database, its online search option integrates the AAHA’s registry list as well.  

How Does a Pet Microchip Database Registry List Work?

Microchip database registry lists work by using a microchip number to populate possible databases to which the number may belong. Pet microchips can have a few different formats.  Microchip numbers consist of either 9, 10, or 15 digits. While the number of digits is not the sole determining factor for which database it belongs to, it does narrow down the possibilities. A pet microchip database registry list such as AAHA takes the microchip’s format and number of digits into account and outputs a list of the most likely matches. Once you’ve searched using the lookup tool and have the “Microchip enrolled with” list, contact each database company starting at the top until you find the correct one.      

Benefits of Using a Pet Microchip Database Registry List

Pet microchip database registry lists are very useful if you find someone’s lost pet. You will need to have the pet scanned to get the microchip number. The number won’t indicate which database it belongs to, so you must use a database registry list such as AAHA.  Anyone can use the AAHA lookup tool for free online. To make matters even easier, PetLink allows you to search the database, and if no matches are found, it will provide a registry list using AAHA’s lookup tool.  

Pet Microchip Database Registry FAQs

Is it necessary to register my pet’s microchip?

Registering your pet’s microchip is necessary for it to serve its purpose. If you do not register the microchip with a database, the microchip number will not connect you to your pet if it goes missing.    

How do I register my pet’s microchip?

Registering your microchip is a simple process with PetLink. Click here to register your pet’s microchip with PetLink. Simply input your pet’s microchip number and create an account using your personal information.  Once you have registered with PetLink your account will remain active. If any of your contact information changes, be sure to log into your PetLink account and update your information.  

What should I do if I find a lost pet with a microchip?

If you find a lost pet with a microchip, bring it to a veterinarian or animal rescue organization to have it scanned. Use the microchip number to submit a Found Pet report with PetLink as soon as possible and PetLink will contact the pet owners.