A couple of months ago, Hypno, my Pitbull Terrier, was placed in the care of a trusted person. Hypno had plenty of room to run, play and be happy. The agreement was that Hypno was to stay in the trusted (or so I thought) person’s care until I could find a bigger area for him to run. Everything was great until the afternoon I received a phone call while at work. It was the pet rescue organization who had Hypno. The kind lady proceeded to ask me if I was the owner of Hypno to which I, of course, said ‘Yes’. She then told me that Hypno had been found in a locked wire cage on the side of a major interstate. Needless to say, I was raging mad! I thought to myself, ‘How can someone do this?’ I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

By the end of the conversation, I was so mad I couldn’t remember what had been said to me, other than ‘We found your dog on the side of the road.’ I immediately went to my boss because the person I had trusted to care for Hypno was my work colleague. My boss could not believe what I had just told him either.

Hypno must have gotten away when he was in therapy pet training, arranged by the colleague I had trusted. But he still got away. What I later learned was that, after he was first found by the roadside, Hypno had been scheduled for euthanization by animal control, which is especially common for stray Pitbull Terriers. Then, just one day before the date he was due to be put down, the rescue organization saved him. PetLink’s microchip showed Hypno was mine and we were reunited. THANK YOU PETLINK, my story would have been a lot different if it wasn’t for you.

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