State: Wisconsin
Posted: January 10, 2022
Author: Cierra Harris

About a year and a half ago I lost my Reginald. In the process of moving I had him in a crate outside. I went inside to rearrange some things , the corner I tucked him would be safe. Well the worst thing that could have happened, happened happened: a neighbor’s dog got at the crate and tried to tear it open. When I came out to find Reginald was gone and blood was all over the crate. The dog’s owner was angry with me because I had him to close to his yard and that his dog was injured and he didn’t see if he got to my cat or not. I thought the unthinkable happened and the owner lied and he killed him. I thought I’d never see him again and was devastated.

Two days ago I got the best email I could ever ask for. Because Reginald was chipped he was able to come back to me. If it wasn’t for PetLink I more then likely would have never seen him again. Thank you PetLink!

  • Janice R.:

    Thank you PetLink for the advice on moving with a pet.  I will be moving sometime in the next 6 weeks into a retirement community.   While Sweetie, my senior companion, has not tried to go out, fear of the unknown and noise may cause her to “escape”.

  • Jim:

    I had a similar incident with my cat while getting ready to move, but it was just a close call.  We were having a garage sale & moving the last things out of the house.  My cat, Luna McTuna, was closed up in my bed room so as not to get away.  When I went in there to get the old recliner I couldn’t find her & was afraid she had got out.  She’s a great hider but couldn’t find her.  We put the recliner out on the front lawn to sell & kept looking for her.  A customer sat in the recliner & liked it.  Someone said maybe we should look inside the chair.  Sure enough she was inside under the seat cushion.   Had to extricate her & carry her back into the house & got scratched.  She almost went in the chair in the truck with the buyer! – Close call !

  • Petra:

    Gone for a year and a half?!  So happy you have him again!  Amazing.  Thank you Andrew, for being KIND.  Now’s not the time to question what  happened in the chaos of a move, now’s the time to REJOICE! 
    And that dog-owner was a jerk.


    I am just a little confused as to why the crate was left outside with your baby in it.  Happy to know you got him back.

    • Andrew B:

      No use judging over spilt milk! Come on now. 
      Very glad this handsome puss eventually got back home! 

    • Dana:

      Just a little confused as to why there always has to be a passive aggressive comment. Please recognize —-Moving is chaotic, no one is perfect, the crate was on her property,  and following up a snarky question with a congratulatory comment does not camouflage your intent. 

  • Melissa Wisenbaker:

    I don’t understand people like that. If it had been my dog, I would have been so apologetic and I would feel so bad.  A miracle indeed. 🙂 

    • Dianne Valdez:

      Melissa you are absolutely correct. Also her cat was in his yard. The neighbors dog was not. A very scary situation! 

  • Melissa Wisenbaker:

    I don’t understand people like that. If it had been my dog, I would have been so apologetic and I would feel so bad. I am glad he is home. A miracle indeed. 🙂 

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