I am a single Mom with two children and our beautiful Shiba Inu, Meka. Since Memorial Day we have become homeless and we are fighting to keep Meka in our family. We are in a new city with no friends or relatives to help us. The children and I are in transitional housing where they do not allow pets. We have had four different people caring for Meka. She is on the fourth family right now, and this was the only house that we didn’t go to with her. So, Meka took advantage of the opportunity of the front door being open and ran off looking for us.

Meka found some K9 friends on her little outing and the owner of the three other dogs took Meka home with her. She then took Meka to a vet to find out to whom and where she belonged and thanks to her PetLink microchip she was able to find us and we brought her home. If it wasn’t mandatory to have a pet microchipped to get onto the Hawaian Islands and for PetLink, we wouldn’t have Meka today. So after all is said and done, it is SOOOOOOOO important to have a microchip in your beloved animal. I also believe that it deters people from stealing pets.

  • Kenny Hughes:

    You are so right, I nearly lost my newest addition Blu this weekend, but hrs of never stopping to look for him on and off the beach we found each other. But he’s chipped so that could’ve helped in the long run. 

  • Diane:

    Awesome . so happy to hear this . I have my baby microchipped also . 
    She is my best friend 

  • Elizabeth:

    So great to hear your story.  Best of luck with everything!!  

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