Posted: January 2, 2020
Author: Jessica

This guy showed up at my house early New Year’s morning. He’s an 8 month old, intact, male yellow lab. I scanned him and his chip came up as a 981 PetLink chip, but he wasn’t registered. I kept him all day and night. I was planning to take him to the local vet (we only have 2 in town) in the morning to report him found. I didn’t want anyone falsely claiming him. We found his owners tonight via Facebook fortunately. They literally cried tears of joy when I contacted them tonight. He ran off last night, scared by the New Years fireworks. Owners didn’t even know he was gone until this morning!

I encouraged her to make sure she registers him, and will have the same talk with the local mobile vet who chipped him tomorrow. 🙂 I got his information from the owners. They had him chipped at the local feed store by a mobile vet.

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