Heart-warming pet reunification stories. Tell us your story today!

Quick Escape and Return

A few days ago, my dogs got out through the garage door while it was open.  A neighbor found them and took them home and called our local vet to check for chips. She stayed with them at the vet while they contacted me. I thought they were napping in the bedroom the whole time!…

May 20, 2019

Crazy about Loco’s Return Home!

Our cat, Loco, shot out the door or our house and into the night when someone walked in.  9 days later a family about three miles north of our home saw him in their bushes. His collar was gone so they started feeding/watering him. They took him to a vet to check for a microchip….

May 16, 2019


Rogue was missing for 1 and a half YEARS before her caretaker brought her to the vet to get her ears checked.  The vet thought to scan Rogue and realized that she belonged to us! She was loed and will be missed by the finder, but we are SO happy to have her home! We…


Lucky Jack

On 2/18 our cat Jack went missing in the morning. I found a piece of a mutilated black and white cat next to my house. I didn’t believe it was Jack but my husband watched our surveillance cameras and saw a large fox drop the piece of the animal as my dogs scared him off….

May 9, 2019

Ducky gets Lucky

We were getting our fence repaired and out dog, Ducky, broke her leash and ran off down the street. She was then hit by a car, and a good samaritan took her to the vet. The vet then scanned her for a chip and contacted me telling me she was hit by a car and…

May 6, 2019

Sophie has a Second Chance

I emailed PetLink about a week ago to tell them to take Sophie’s name off my profile as we believed she had died. She had been diagnosed with terminal cancer in October, 2018. In January this year, she jumped the fence and we looked for weeks in every way possible to find her. It was…


Whistler is Home Again!

My dog, Whistler, escaped through a gate that had been accidentally left open int he yard. Thankfully he was found the same day by a good samaritan who brought him to the animal shelter to get scanned. So glad I had him registered. He did not have his tags on, so the chip was the…

April 15, 2019

Where’s my Buddy?

On March 29th, someone left the gate open in our yard and our dog, Buddy, got lose.  He was found by a good samaritian who brought him to the vet to get his chip scanned.  He was home the same day! Thank you PetLink!

April 2, 2019

Bailing Bailey

Bailey pushed the gate open at the house he was staying. We had a dog sitter watching him while we were out of town. He was found walking across the street out of the dog sitter’s neighborhood by another neighbor. She took him to an animal clinic to get his chip read and they called…

April 1, 2019