State: Iowa
Posted: May 25, 2018
Author: Sharon and Frank Hughes

My husband and I are so grateful for the immediate, intimate and caring service PetLink provided when we found out that our beautiful two-year-old West Highland white terrier had escaped through a hole in our fence yesterday afternoon. I was out shopping and had no idea she was gone and while my husband was at home and panicked by the situation. We later found out that Ruby had dug out through a weak spot in our fenced-in yard and we fixed it the next morning.

The first message I got to my cellphone was from PetLink asking me to call them because Ruby had been found. Then they helped me talk to the person who had found our dog and they reassured me Ruby was just fine. Within half an hour, our town dog officer on Cape Cod had delivered Ruby to our door. He handed her over safely to my husband and to her best friend, Oliver, another Westie and also Ruby’s uncle. We are all so glad to have our Ruby back!

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