Somehow, the door to my house was left open by the men doing construction in the backyard. They also left the gate open and, while I was at work, my Chihuahua, Lexie, got out without the workmen noticing. By the time they did notice she wasn’t there anymore, she could have been anywhere.

Thank goodness someone a few miles up the road found her. This person was just about to take Lexie up to the vet to see if she was chipped when I came walking through their neighborhood. There I saw my lil’ Lexie, sitting in a front yard, with a nice lady who was giving her water.

We rushed Lexie to the vet, as the person who found her said that when she spotted Lexie there was a group of boys aged between 12 and 15 chasing her, and Lexie looked like she might be injured. The lady asked the boys what they were doing and they quickly ran away. Thank heaven for this angel of a lady. The vet said it looked like Lexie had been kicked, because her ribs were badly bruised, and somehow her tail was fractured. But she will be OK and I am one happy mom!

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