Published on: April 23, 2024
Author: Alix Mitchell

Giving your dog some off-leash time to romp around and play is a great way to decompress and get some physical exercise in, but not all dog owners have access to fenced-in backyards. There’s a balance between letting your dog have some free time while keeping him safe and secure, and a geofence can be incredibly useful for dog owners who don’t have access to fenced-in yards. 

What is Geofencing? 

A geofence is a virtual boundary that is set up on the smartphone app that accompanies your dog’s GPS tracking device. When your dog leaves the virtual fence boundaries, you will get an alert notification on your smartphone. 

You can even save multiple geofence areas and only activate specific ones as needed, which comes in handy if you travel with your dog or frequent the same off-leash park areas! You can think of a geofence as a virtual fence for your dog that helps keep them safe by alerting you when they leave the boundary so you can go get them. 

How Does Geofencing Work for Pet Safety?

Geofencing is an added benefit and capability of GPS tracking devices. Geofences use cellular technology to transmit data back and forth from satellites orbiting the Earth to map out a specific boundary. The satellites constantly check the position of your dog’s GPS tracking device, so when it is outside of the geofence, you’ll receive an alert notification on your smartphone letting you know your dog has crossed the boundary.

Since most of these GPS trackers utilize cellular technology, you must have good cellular network coverage for all aspects of the device to work properly and send notifications. While older GPS trackers relied on a radio transmitter to track your dog’s movement, cellular-based trackers are becoming the best technology. Cellular technology is a vital part of modern life now, so we’re constantly working to improve our cellular networks, which means that your pet can benefit by having even more thorough coverage on their GPS tracking device. 

Benefits of Geofencing for Dog Owners

The geofencing solution is an excellent option for dog owners who want to let their dogs off-leash but want an added layer of safety and peace of mind to make sure that their dog is safe and not wandering off. 

Enhanced safety. Geofencing keeps your dog safe by letting them have fun in a designated area, even where a physical boundary like a fence may not exist. If your dog crosses the boundary, you’ll get an alert so you can go retrieve them immediately. 

Peace of mind. Geofences will alert you when your dog has crossed a boundary, which gives you peace of mind and can allow you to relax while your dog has fun. If you need even more peace of mind, most GPS tracking devices that offer the geofencing solution also offer a live-tracking feature to open your app and view your dog’s location in real time. 

Customizable boundaries. Most apps offer the ability to create and save multiple boundaries, and then you only turn on the boundaries needed at a specific time. Some GPS tracking devices even offer an additional safe zone area that allows you to save battery power on the GPS receiver by utilizing Wi-Fi coverage, like when you’re at home, in an office, or at a hotel. When your pet leaves the Wi-Fi Safe Zone area, you’ll get an alert notification on your smartphone. 

Importance of Responsible Pet Ownership

Using GPS tracking devices and their corresponding geofencing solution should serve as powerful tools to provide an extra layer of safety and peace of mind that you’re keeping your dog safe and secure, but these tools should never replace responsible pet ownership. It’s important to keep a close eye on your dog to know where they’re at and what they could potentially be getting into to keep them out of harm’s way. Dogs should only ever be let off-leash on private land or in specific off-leash designated areas. Leash laws exist to keep all dogs and people safe and happy!

While these devices are certainly beneficial, it’s important to consistently work on regular training alongside utilizing this technology. Training your dog doesn’t just provide your dog with excellent skills to have a happy life together, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to improve your bond and spend time together. Working on making sure your dog has a solid recall is an important skill that could even be life-saving, and it’s something you should practice regularly.

FAQs about Geofencing and Pet Safety

Do I need to activate a subscription plan? GPS tracking for pets utilizes cellular technology to transmit GPS data from the GPS receiver device on your dog’s collar to the app on your smartphone, so a subscription service package is needed, but these plans are intended to be a small monthly cost to make them an affordable option. 

Can I set up more than one geofence? Yes, you can! If you have a few off-leash areas you regularly visit with your dog, you can add their geofence boundaries to your app at one time. Then, you just log in to your app and turn on the specific geofence location once you arrive. 

Do GPS tracking devices emit hazardous emissions to my dog? GPS tracking for pets does utilize cellular data transmission, but it is in small amounts that comply with various laws and regulations to ensure your pet’s health won’t be affected. One study found that exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields is well below limit values and doesn’t pose a health risk1.

How does a geofencing solution benefit me and my dog? Geofencing can be useful for enhanced safety and peace of mind for most dogs and their owners, but some owners may find it even more useful with certain breeds and lifestyles. If you have an active lifestyle and travel or hike with your dog regularly, geofencing can help you keep your dog safe by keeping them in a specific area. If you have a hunting or herding breed, you know just how quickly they’ll follow their nose, so using a geofencing area can help prevent them from wandering off too far.