Stan is primarily a back yard dog and spends most of his time outside in a gated yard. Though he does bark occasionally, he is often times quite quiet and therefore we generally don’t give too much thought to him as he’s rather consistently found to be just chilling in the back yard. However, one day when one of our neighbors was over, he mentioned that the dog hadn’t come to greet him at the door. We realized that he was correct, as Stan normally comes barking to every person who comes in the house. Everyone suddenly began rushing around looking for the dog, and it was with grim realization that we understood that the last time that anyone had seen him was several hours ago. We realized that at this point to set out and search for him by hand would be fruitless as he had been gone for so long. We understood that all we could do was wait for someone to call us. This is where the incredible usefulness and power of the microchip and PetLink came in to play. Just as we had resigned ourselves to wait, my mother received an email from PetLink notifying her that Stan had in fact been found and was safe and sound at one of the local animal shelters. The relief, of course, was palpable. But even more so was the reassurance of our faith in both the microchip and PetLink systems, as this was the second time that Stan has been found thanks to PetLink. It’s technology and systems like this that have immeasurable value to families and to pets like ours, and for that we thank all those who work to keep these systems up and running!

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