Tazz went missing on August 15th. We spent several hours over the first couple weeks looking for him. Then we made lost cat posters with his picture and hung them in the surrounding area and posted his information on the nextdoor app and Facebook. My spouse went to the animal shelter and rescue locations checking if they had Tazz, with no luck. We received several calls of sightings and spent a few nights doing reconnaissance but none of these cats were our Tazz. After 68 days we had pretty much given up hope of getting Tazz back. Then we got an email from PetLink and a call from the lovely couple that had been feeding him for the last week. They knew by how friendly Tazz was that he wasn’t a stray. They took Tazz to the vet where his chip was scanned and he was identified. That evening Tazz was brought back to us. We are so grateful to have Tazz back and thankful to the couple that found him and thought enough to take him to the vet to be scanned. We are grateful to PetLink for giving us the opportunity to get our precious Tazz back.

  • Christa Boolukos:

    That’s amazing, I’m so happy for your reunion. That gives me hope! 
    How is kitty’s health? Did he lose weight? 

  • Anna Schwartz:

    So glad Tazz is back home with his family!

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