I want to thank PetLink! Topher has been missing for a while. When the pound called to say they had him, they asked if we were missing Topher. I was like “yes, ma’am!” and they said “we think we have him but we are not sure we do.” The people had totally bleached him they also abused him. No when he came up missing he was a designer breed if that’s what he is considered I never imagined I would ever get him back. But thanks to PetLink, I got him back and his groomer will fix his fur! We thank PetLink so much we cried tears of joy because of you guys!

  • Roberta McClure:

    So glad you got your baby back.  I just registered my puppy but hope I never lose her. 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    • Shana Ashley:

      Omg I just read your story…..bleaching him are you kidding I’ve been a groomer for 20 years an I’ve never even thought of doing such a thing the chemicals alone could do great harm. You’re so lucky that he didn’t get burns on his skin. I wish you could find the people an prosecute that’s animal cruelty for sure. It’s crazy what the world has come too. I have both my German shorthaired pointer and bluetick coonhound chipped but I’m still scared that if they did slip away that they would come across that one person that would keep them instead of doing the right thing. So glad you got your little guy back.

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