I had accidentally left the door open while helping my delivery person with a large order, and I didn’t notice my cat Binx had slipped out until it was too late! I received a call from North Hills Animal Clinic after they scanned a microchip. They said they had someone come in that had found my cat and had scanned her right away. I was so relieved! It had been about a month and a half since she had gone missing. I got into contact with the couple that found her. They were super sweet and my Binx was well-fed and taken care of. I’m very happy she’s back!

  • Jean Hart:

    I love black cats but a lot of people will not adopt them. Binx is a beautful cat!

  • Sarah/John Twardy:

    I love the name Binx! I would definitely name a cat that if I had one – Hocus Pocus!

  • Lee-Ann Beaudry:

    a month! So happy to hear you got her back.. our cat is missing right now and I really hope it doesn’t take a month for her to return. 

    • Martina Welch:

      hi .did you ever find your baby?i hope so.

  • Bryan Brodie:

    she’s precious! so glad you got her back!

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