State: Georgia
Posted: October 21, 2017
Author: Bruce Maslia

While recently out of the country, we had friends house sit for us and pet sit our Terrier/Schnauzer mix Benito. On the first day we were gone our friends were attempting to leave through the front door while keeping Benito inside. However, while the door was cracked ajar and they were trying to block him, Benito slipped through such a tight squeeze that his harness and tags slipped off on his way to new found freedom. He ventured down the street to enjoy some soccer at the middle school and was picked up by a nice set of parents who happened to be watching their kids play. With no tags, they knew they could take him to a local Pet Smart to see if he had a chip.

Luckily for us the answer was yes. We received emails, texts and work emails from this great site, PetLink, so we were able to contact our house-sitting friends. We put them in touch with the nice folks who had taken our boy Benito to Pet Smart and then home. We need to get them a bottle of wine for sure!


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