State: Illinois
Posted: September 11, 2023
Author: Daniel Pace

On 8/31, Copper was stolen from my vehicle. For 6 days I flooded social media with Copper’s pictures and story. I got in touch with every shelter, animal control, vet, humane society, etc, from Paducah to St. Louis. For 5 days all I did was call and email pet related places. Having recently lost my phone, on day 2 of Copper’s abduction I emailed PetLink to update my information. I spoke to Copper’s vet, who implanted his microchip explaining my phone situation. After that phone call, he also got involved. On day 6, I received my email to update my account. After using the email to update, I decided to call PetLink and make sure Copper’s account was correct. After listening to our story, the PetLink agent then tells me “Copper’s been found”. Someone has found him scanned him and called his chip in. They left their number. I cried. I was so relieved. I couldn’t believe it. With all the social media that I’d put in place, Copper’s picture and story were all over Facebook, Instagram, craigslist, and pet FBI and a few other pet recovery apps, With the social media coverage and the fact Copper was microchipped, my guess is the thieves realized Copper was loved and there was no easy way to sell or keep him. His microchip was the final piece and the bridge that connected him being dumped and reconnected with me. Awesome customer service. Awesome product.

  • Lucy:

    Glad for all those that reunited with their dogs.  I know the feeling of losing a dog, it hurt.  But now I have 4 furry and I live them dearly.

  • TeriG:

    I can relate and my heart goes out to you both.  My dog was kidnapped by some criminals two weeks before my home invasion (and the police told me that is the criminals habit/pattern) as they do not want the dog on premises during the home invasion.  
    I realized my contact info was not up to date so I called and updated it.  Then I reported him missing.  The next day, while I was at work, PetLink contacted my sister and told her to get in touch with me.  Someone took my dog to the Vet and scanned my dog for a chip.  My supervisor said she was glad because she could not see how well I would be at my job not knowing where my dog was.  Apparently when the property owner found my dog, he was reluctant to return him to me which I had always been afraid of.  He was (passed in 2017) the best dog; only barked at danger and strangers, was well-mannered and well trained.  Apparently the kidnappers dumped my dog in the middle of the woods in the middle of nowhere and the next day when the property owner walked his two big dogs, my little 20 lb dog was found rolled up in the ditch next to their fence as it was a cool night.  (Chihuahua/Boxer mix breed).  My Vet told me that it was a miracle because a lot of dogs are not found alive or returned if found by someone.

  • Mary Lou Saavedra:

    Tears of Joy! I’m so happy you got your lil one back! Awesome Teamwork by all! God bless you both!

  • Melisa Weatheread:

    So glad Cooper is back home where he belongs! 

  • Marisol Rivera:

    God is Good! Aww so glad you and your baby cooper are back together.

  • Naomi:

    God Bless you both!

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