Thank goodness for the Ocean City, NJ Police Department and for having our dog Willow microchipped! Willow got out today and went on a little joy walk just around the block. A lovely police officer found her and brought her to our local animal rescue service.

I immediately got both a text message and an email from PetLink notifying me that my dog had been found. My heart would have been shattered if Willow had never made it back home. She is the love of our lives and my 17-month-old’s best friend.

Willow, thank goodness you are home and thank you, PetLink for being so effective! Also, always have a collar on your animal in case someone doesn’t want to take the extra step and bring them to a place where they can scan their microchip! Thank you, PetLink!


    It is also very important to update any changes to pet link. Most people forget to update new address, phone numbers an email address. Very very important to get back your fur baby

  • BrianPhillips:

    It’s June 20th and we just chipped our young Weimaraner puppy, Sadie. I’ve never chipped a dog before, so your story was very encouraging. My only experience with a chipped dog was finding one once, and taking him to the emergency vet hospital. There, we discovered he was chipped and were able to be part of reuniting the dog with his owner. So, I know how valuable it is to chip dogs, now, after that experience and reading your story. Thanks for sharing!

    • Ayya Sudhamma Catherine Edalgo:

      Similarly to Brian, I discovered the importance of microchipping when I found a large puppy while out for a walk. After carrying the heavy wriggly guy half a mile to my home, I called Animal Control – against friends’ advice and with some guilt (from concern that the owner may suffer a fine or something bad happen to the pup). The officer scanned the puppy as soon as he had him in the truck, found the Petlink chip, and drove him home a few blocks away. The puppy was home before the owner even knew he had been gone. And since the pet didn’t go to Animal Control the owner wasn’t even charged.  That’s why I’m on this site today – registering my kitten that I just got chipped.

      • Robin P:

        Cathy M, UNC and NYU grad?

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