I had surgery and had not been feeling well, so for the second time in two weeks I thought I had closed the driveway gate but I hadn’t. The first time I realized it almost immediately and got right in the car and picked him up!

On Thursday, 8/22 I did the same thing but this time it was several minutes before I realized what had happened. Got in the car and went looking but could not find him. Drove home to check to see if he had gone back home. That was when I got the notice from PetLink and called the number provided. They put me in touch with Harley’s finder, Forest, and I went to his home about 2 blocks away and picked Harley up. Apparently Harley took a route down 66th Ave toward busy Wadsworth Blvd. Forest was able to entice him with a treat to come with him. Harley let him check his tags but Forest did not see the phone number on his name tag but did see the PetLink tab and got in touch with you. I thank both of you very much and was happy that Harley who can get anxious and scared was cooperative with Forest. Thanks so much to both of you.

  • Becky Osborne:

    Forest, you rock.

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