State: Oklahoma
Posted: October 11, 2023
Author: MacKenzie Craner

I rescued Violet (Krissy at the time) from a shelter when she was 5 months old. At the time she’d already been in and out of the shelter twice and was starved nearly to death at her second home. Third time is a charm and she loves our kids and has a great bond with our other dogs. She gallops around playing in the yard and is always happy. She loves to howl at the tornado sirens and it still makes me laugh even though it happens every day.

A week ago we moved to a new house and the man we had install our security cams left the gate open just enough for all of them to push their way out. Our other two dogs were brought back in immediately but Violet was gone. We searched for a week, got a search party, went through the woods near our house, looked at the shelter and online for any sign of her but we didn’t find her. I thought she was gone for good, but we got a call thanks to her chip and she was just five minutes up the road. The woman who found her thought about keeping her instead of giving her back, but luckily she is back home safe and sound, galloping around again and just as full of life as she’s ever been. I’m grateful that she was chipped and we were able to bring her back home.

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