My fiancé and I were going through really hard times causing us both to find part-time jobs on top of full-time jobs. We also came to the painful decision to rehome Thor, our puppy. We felt it wasn’t fair to him to be left alone so much. I cried for days after the rehoming. We were very picky about who we allowed to be Thor’s new parents. Or so we thought …!

Unluckily for Thor, he was soon loose and on the run. Luckily for us, the owners never bothered to change the microchip information to contain their own contact details. This meant that, upon Thor being taken to the animal shelter, we were the ones who received a call and email immediately.

When I contacted the people where Thor had been rehomed, they said, ‘It’s too much responsibility so we just let him go.’ 🙁 I reclaimed Thor who was skinny and sad. Thank you PetLink for the lesson you learned me. I am so grateful that PetLink brought Thor home to us. It’s fate that he came home and he will never go anywhere else again.

  • Catherine Llopart:

    A family member was caring for our family dog when we had taken a vacation.  For some odd reason this family member gave my dog away..Ya, Gave him away.  When I returned home and called to get the dog back she told me she gave the dog to an old man who has cancer and really likes him. Yes I was shocked and told her we want to keep our dog. She was refusing to tell me where my dog was. Ya” What drama… I called the police and ask to knock on doors. oh ya. it was 9 hours away.
    The police located my dog. I drove several states to confront the people who has the dog. Eventually I got the dog as I called dog catcher to read the chip as proof the dog belongs to me and no one has authority to give my dog away. I was glad that I did not reveal the dog was chipped.  That all happened 4 years ago.  And made me a true believer to Chip your loving animals.  It was so painful and the trust is lost forever with that family member.  I stay away and will never understand how someone can be so mean. Still hurts to this day and I will never see that evil person again.  I only pray for good. my dog is 10 now and very happy.  He was a rescue dog I adopted and trained.  Very friendly and loving dog.

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